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In-house pallet control has a high turnover rate, with staff members often not staying in the role for extended periods of time. This could be due to the unique skillset required for the complex, sometimes cumbersome, and hard going position. This can impact your business negatively in several ways and it is important to consider this fact when choosing how to best manage your pallet account. 

One factor that’s often overlooked is the impact staff turnover can have on your pallet control processes. 

Pallet control is a very niche skill that requires specific knowledge. That knowledge only comes with experience. When you have pallet control skill gaps, the risks can be detrimental to your business and it can happen fast, but take months or years to fix. 

The training and experience required to become an exceptional pallet controller is not easily passed on in a quick replacement handover when there is a staff change or due to absence. 

Skill gaps in your pallet control process leads to: 

  • Recoveries not being actioned in a timely manner, incurring extra hire day costs.
  • Queries and claims from your customers remaining unactioned
  • Discrepancies on invoices being left past the date range possible to make corrections
  • Missing pallets not being spotted or recovered
  • Untrained pallet controllers often don’t even know what to look out for 
  • Gaps in software programs to complete the tasks required. 
  • Transfers not being processed with the suppliers. 

If you choose to have an in-house pallet controller it is vital to cross-train multiple employees to the same standard as your dedicated pallet controller. Keep the cross-trained staff up to date with all things in the pallet management space so if the moment strikes, they are able to step in and competently continue to best manage your pallet account. Ensure they have full knowledge of your processes, software and ongoing issues. 

PPM is an outsourced pallet management company, wholly dedicated to pallet management and control. PPM offers their clients a security blanket in the sense you are always covered. We are a whole company dedicated to pallet control with many employees trained to the same standard and replacements are always available and able to look after your pallet accounts to the level you have come to expect. 

With 18 years in the pallet business, PPM, offers extensive staff training programs providing an excellent service you can rely on consistently, without the fear of staff turnover negatively impacting your supply chain and bottom-line. 

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