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Account Management

Account Management

Our Account Managers are pallet experts and will provide your team with the peace of mind to get on with their own jobs. As pallet experts we ensure your account is always up to date and managed with precision. If for any reason your dedicated account manager is away, we have numerous other pallet managers to jump onto your account. Effective pallet management requires continued focus, and that’s what our experts do 5 days a week.

You will experience numerous benefits to your business once PPM start managing your pallets for you.

Data Entry

Docket Processing

We leverage OCR technology to efficiently capture supplier dockets. The data gathered is imported into our reconciliation software ready for processing. Images of these dockets are also stored electronically if needed for proof of delivery.

Our system can process dockets sent via email directly into the OCR to ensure they are entered as quickly as possible without waiting on physical dockets to be sent through the post.

We handle all scheduled activities required before the hire company end-of-month such as supplier exports.

Invoice Reconciliation

Review and Address Exceptions

CHEP and Loscam are received directly into our reconciliation software. Transactions on the invoice that do not match your records are highlighted for action. Such actions are:

  • Rejections to prevent unauthorised transfers.
  • Corrections to date or quantity.
  • Reinstatements of rejected pallets back onto your account.

We follow up CHEP and Loscam to ensure the required amendments are made on your next invoice.

All discrepancies which require further action (usually reinstatements) are monitored through our Service Desk.

Suspended Pallets and Escrow

Often overlooked and misunderstood components of pallet control are the impacts of suspended pallets and escrow to your bottom line. At PPM we understand the gravity and importance to monitor your invoices for any suspended pallets or escrow applied and to action as soon as possible to recover your costs and pallets.


Standard Monthly Reports

Our team provide an account health check report to identify key performance indicators for the current period and three months prior. The equipment controllers’ comments and five-star rating let you know where your team can best direct their efforts to further improve your pallet account and reduce costs. The report shows your variance figure (position) whilst considering IOUs, unprocessed transfers, corrections, and rejections. Your variance is the single most important number in understanding your account position.


Conducting a physical count or pallet audit and comparing it to your on-hire balance is the only way to ensure your account is correct. We welcome the opportunity to perform these counts or can work with your team to ensure count timing is in line with the hiring company at the end of the month.

Customer Service Desk

Our Customer Service Desk adds an additional layer of service to your business. Our service staff handle customer inquiries and issues promptly and effectively and provide that extra level of support and efficiency. We have an SLA and escalation process to see the timely resolution of all queries.

Case Studies

Managing Driver Compliance for a major third-party logistis provider


A National Transport 3PL was steadily losing pallets and could not identify the gap due to managing both the Warehouse and Transport operation under one pallet account.


There were two main objectives: firstly, to report positions for both accounts, and secondly, to identify gaps and report back to the client.

First Steps

We organized and set up a new account, providing training to ensure the client's team was onboard.


By reporting on each account's position, we were able to pinpoint which operation was the source of the loss. It was the Transport account where we found poor driver compliance.


By reporting on each account's position, we were able to pinpoint which operation was the source of the loss. It was the Transport account where we found poor driver compliance.

To fix the loss, we assisted by:

  • Debriefing the run sheets (instead of the client) to provide daily feedback directly to drivers.
  • Capturing errors whilst debriefing to look for trends over time.
  • Reporting compliance issues with the operation regularly.
  • Identifying previous losses and submitting claims.
  • Attending toolbox/training sessions onsite with drivers and provided training materials including a short video.
  • Establishing a clear process to communicate to drivers and the operation.


The transformation for this client was exceptional. Time investment to manage the account (prior to the account split) reduced from 60 hours per week to 22 hours in just two months. With PPM taking on run sheet debrief and providing feedback to the drivers and operation, we saw a 52% decrease in invoice costs. Additionally, processes were refined, and driver compliance was at its best. As a result, we were able to hand the task back to the client, and our efforts were reflected in reduced invoice costs which continued months after the handover.

The Cumbersome Task of Data Entry for a National Transport Company


A large National Transport provider was tasked with manually keying pallet dockets into reconciliation software daily. Across all states, the admin staff were finding it difficult to complete their regular workload. The volume was approximately 1,000 dockets a week, resulting in 16 hours of data entry.


There were two main objectives. Firstly, the admin team wanted to get back to task. Secondly, there was often late or missing data whenever the team was not able to key the dockets weekly, in line with their Supplier Invoices.


With our OCR technology, we process dockets 4 times faster than manual entry. The same volume of dockets only takes 4 hours to complete. By automating this manual-intensive task, the client was able to reduce labor and redirect resources back to the operation.

Stabilizing Pallet Management Costs

Trialia Foods Australia

Family owned, Trialia Foods carefully sources products which complement their own gourmet food manufacturing brand ESKAL, along with a great range of gluten, dairy and nut free options. With product arriving in shipping containers, Trialia Foods chose CHEP pallets to store and distribute for their customers nationally. Trialia was attracted by CHEP's scalable offering which included next day empty pallet delivery without capital outlay and its alignment to Trialia’s commitment to the Australian Packaging Covenant.

Knowing pallet accounts can get out of hand, Trialia wanted to balance this. Trialia enlisted help from PPM to ensure peace of mind that the CHEP hire invoice being signed off each month matched the quantity of pallets in Trialia’s Warehouse.

The PPM team focused on simplicity and the need to integrate with the existing operation and pallet software, while at the same time respecting existing business relationships.

After the initial recovery of pallets, the partnership and compliance from both parties helped to ensure that Trialia’s pallet management costs have remained stable since 2007 and will into the foreseeable future.

An 18 year Partnership.

Mansfields Contract Food Manufacturing

Mansfields is the nationally recognized leader in the Australian dry food contract manufacturing industry. We are inspired by the determination of the Managing Director, Geoff Humbert who started on the factory floor in 1986 and bought the company in 2005. This is the same year that PPM was engaged by Mansfields and we are determined to continue to add value to Geoff’s operation and to support Mansfields continued growth and success. An 18-year Partnership.

PPM was initially brought on to stabilize a role that had seen some turnover and required a specialized skill set. PPM focused on efficiencies and were able to maintain pallet management costs.

Geoff has acknowledged, “PPM allows my team and I to concentrate on other parts of my business whilst comfortable in the knowledge that all our pallet transactions are well taken care of.”

We appreciate our 18 year relationship with Trialia and look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come.