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At Precise Pallet Management we are dedicated to saving you from time
consuming pallet recoveries and losses.

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We Are Here To make complex pallet control simple.

We are creative in our approach to pallet control. We tailor comprehensive and scalable solutions to cover all aspects of your hire account management.

Ongoing pallet management

A dedicated account manager will ensure your account reconciliation is always up to date and pallets managed. Our customer Service Desk works to respond to Trading Partner queries. We are proactive to continuously reduce costs, and draw data insights to determine account improvements.

Lost Pallet Recovery

Pallet loss can be a frustrating and expensiveproblem. Our team will help identify extenuating circumstances that may be causing pallet loss and discover innovative ways to eliminate these issues through a range of tactics.

Pallet Audit

Understanding the number of pallets entering and leaving your warehouse is crucial when large shipments are being sentand received each day. PPM can help to conduct a site audit to assess the flow of pallets through your facility.


We offer comprehensive Pallet Control services, including tailored team training, customizable reports, runsheet debriefs, policy development, account audits, and an invoice approval process to optimize pallet management for your business.

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About Us

We Are Here To Make Pallet Control Simple

At Precise Pallet Management we are dedicated to saving you from time consuming pallet loss and recovery. Our highly motivated team use a unique approach to handle all aspects of CHEP and Loscam hired equipment and are proven to provide a proactive and cost reducing service for business.

Since opening in 2005, Precise Pallet Management has been privileged to work with a diverse range of businesses and understand that for business big and small, every dollar counts. PPM always deliver a cost-effective solution, scaled to individual company requirements.

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Inhouse VS Outsourcing

In-house pallet control has a high turnover rate, with staff members often not staying in the role for extended periods of time. This could be due to the unique skillset required for the complex, sometimes cumbersome, and hard going position. This can impact your business negatively in several ways and it is important to consider this fact when choosing how to best manage your pallet account.  One factor that’s often

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Loading Dock Safety Tips

Loading Dock Safety Tips: Storing, Loading and Moving Pallets Manually moving your product onto pallets can cause unavoidable stress on the body, if you are not careful this can lead to debilitating injuries to shoulders, knees, and lower backs. These injuries can occur suddenly or gradually over time. When a safe work system is in place the risk of an accident or unnecessary wear and tear can be minimised.Here is how

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Reconciling Your Invoice

Why reconcile your invoice? A pallet account is a lot like a bank account except anyone, even from other companies, can raise transactions so, reconciliation is a must.  Check all the transfers onto your account and make sure you have received all the pallets being added to your hire account. Sometimes you agree that you have received pallets but you may disagree with the date, quantity, or equipment type. If this

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