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At Precise Pallet Management we are dedicated to saving you from time consuming pallet recoveries and losses. 

Our highly motivated team uses a unique approach to handle all aspects of CHEP and Loscam hired equipment. With our proven practices, we aim to provide a proactive and cost reducing service for businesses across Australia

We are completely focused on pallet hire and are obsessed with being the best at what we do.

  • Lost Pallet Recovery

    Pallet loss can be a frustrating and expensive problem. Our team will help identify extenuating circumstances that may be causing pallet loss and discover innovative ways to eliminate these issues through a range of tactics.

  • Pallet Audit

    Understanding the number of pallets entering and leaving your warehouse is crucial when large shipments are being sent and received each day. PPM can help to conduct a site audit to assess the flow of pallets through your facility.

  • Pallet Policy

    Understanding the ins and outs of CHEP and Loscam can be complicated. We will work with your team to outline procedures and protocols you can implement in your facility to prevent any issues when transferring and receiving CHEP and Loscam pallets.

  • Operational Support

    Our team is always available to answer queries and provide support to your team. We can help to implement lasting processes, cutting-edge pallet control software and one-on-one training tailored to the particular requirements of your business.

Sometimes it’s best to start from the beginning, what even are CHEP and Loscam pallets?

We created a list of our top 10 frequently asked questions and their answers to keep you informed.