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Lost Pallet Recovery

Lost Pallet Recovery

Aged recovery

Without adequate Pallet Control, it is common to pay hire on pallets that you no longer have. We start the recovery process immediately. At PPM we identify missing transactions and put forward claims to recover aged equipment. We leverage our relationships with Trading Partners and Suppliers to achieve the best results for you. In instances where pallets cannot be recovered, we can make recommendations for compensation to Suppliers.

Case Studies

Claim Negotiation for a National Third-Party Provider


A national third-party logistics (3PL) provider experienced significant losses with a trading partner due to non-compliant drivers. While drivers were undergoing training to address the issue, historical transactions needed attention.

Our Approach

Our team worked to put together a claim for approximately 4,500 pallets, which included supporting documentation and transaction details, including purchase order numbers.

The Outcome

Part of the claim was accepted and backdated by the trading partner; however, the remaining exposure was too large to "let it slide." With our client’s best interests in mind, we reached out to our account manager at the pallet supplier, who supported our efforts to renegotiate the claim.

Despite these efforts, there was resistance to the claim. Using our expertise, we proposed the option of mediation to the trading partner to resolve the dispute. We applied for mediation on behalf of our client and prepared for resolution.

Before the date of mediation, the trading partner reviewed the remainder of the claim, and we were able to recover the full claim total, including backdated hire charges.