Pallet Management Software

By implementing PalletWatch Software, our team can consolidate existing systems into a single-entry point for all transactions, making it easier to manage pallets and communication with CHEP and Loscam.

Pallet Control Software Features

This unique program aids in the overall success of PPM pallet control. It features a range of benefits including:

  • Trading rules for all transactions
  • Email capabilities
  • Importing of new trading partners
  • Pallet tracking
  • Communication with CHEP and Loscam
  • Reconciliation of hire company invoices
  • Management of unprocessed transactions
  • Generation of daily, weekly and monthly reports

Capturing Data

Utilising state-of-the-art pallet control software, our team captures an accurate recording of pallet transfers. The software can quickly act on correction and rejection of transfers which can lead to the reduction of invoice exceptions, time investment and management costs. The pallet management software also conducts a monthly pallet audit which is key to ensuring accurate reporting. 

System Communications

The software communicates with and updates a range of stakeholders. CHEP and Loscam’s data is updated each Friday and again in line with CHEP & Loscam at the end of month. There are two notifications from suppliers following export. The first advises that the file was received. The second advises any transactions that could not be processed by CHEP and Loscam and is sent to the service desk to be followed up by our Equipment Specialists.


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