We are available by phone or email to answer your staff queries and can support or represent you in meetings with your trading partners.

Our Helpdesk ticketing system also ensures all queries and claims are quickly followed through to their conclusion and that historical communications are always retained. 

Lost Pallet Recovery and Compensation

We will work for you to ensure all your pallets are accurately tracked and any lost pallets are recovered or compensated if required. 

Even after successful lost pallet recovery, our team’s support will continue. Through ongoing staff training on pallet loss prevention, we will continue to work with you to develop effective solutions tailored to your business.  

Claims and trading partner communication

All claims are sent through to our ticketing service desk system, allocated to the accounts manager and actioned efficiently and effectively. We have set processes in place to ensure all time frames are adhered to and resources are allocated accordingly. We will always communicated with our clients as to what is required for claims to be resolved. 

We will provide a direct contact to liase with your suppliers and customers to resolve any issues, queries or concerns, saving you the administrative time. 

We will always be there to help if you have a question or require representation. 

cost reduction

Once your site is up and running smoothly due to nuanced pallet control techniques and reporting, we won’t just forget about you. We are results-driven and firmly believe there is always room for improvement. To this end, our accounts team is constantly project-planning innovative ideas to make your life simple.