Pallet Tracking

Keeping track of pallets as they flow through your facility is crucial. Reclaiming CHEP & Loscam pallets at the end of the supply chain can be a drain on resources, but with proper pallet tracking methods in place, this logistical challenge can be completely eliminated.

Pallet Software

Successfully manage your pallet pool with advanced pallet tracking software. Our unique software combines all points of entry into one easy to use application. By tracking pallets every step of the way, from arrival to end point, the team at PPM can effectively track pallets as they move through the supply chain.

Pallet Pooling

Pallet pooling can help to simplify the logistics within your supply chain. By organising pallet rentals with CHEP and Loscam for your operation, PPM can help minimise the costs associated with maintaining a fleet of pallets. Our highly effective pallet pooling program can help to ensure each transfer movement is accurately tracked. Pallet pooling also ensures the quality of the pallets supplied are consistent. With PPM, your supply chain should always receive a scale-able supply of pallets based on your business’s demand at a minimal cost. 

Warehouse Pallet Tracking

When you are dealing with hundreds of pallets each day, warehouse pallet tracking is crucial. Instead of accepting pallet loss as an unavoidable cost, PPM can help reduce the expenses associated with pallet loss. Our methods combine pooling and software to establish an effective pallet control solution for your supply chain. 


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