Pallet Account Audit

With Precise Pallet Management your company’s hire equipment is in good hands.   Pallet control can be simple when you are dealing with us. Read below to find out how we can help your business.

Physical Count

Just as a count is required to monitor your ongoing account performance, it is also how we establish your current position.  The count is conducted in line with end of invoice period control requirements and is compared to the equipment on hire.  To arrive at the pallet variance we carefully consider unprocessed transactions.  Any number over zero is a surplus and any negative figure indicates that your organisation is paying for equipment no longer under your control.

Unprocessed Transactions

We receive all available pallet dockets and using our Optical Character Recognition software, capture both the docket image and unique docket number.  The docket number is compared to transactions invoiced by CHEP and Loscam, with exceptions being identified as requiring recovery from your trading partners.  We can quickly retrieve an image of the exceptions and attach these to correspondence requesting authority by third parties to process the pallets off your account.  

Consultation and Recommendations

Pallet management basics are always the same.  For a seamless operation, we want to learn what you do and how you do it so we can merge our knowledge with yours.  Our goal is to deliver you a pallet management process as unique as your business.