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Operational Support

Once your site is up and running smoothly, we won’t just forget about you. We are results driven and firmly believe there is always room for improvement.  To this end our accounts team is constantly project planning innovative ideas to make your life simpler.  We will always be there to help if you have a question or require representation.

Customer Service Desk

We are available by phone to answer your staff queries and can support or represent you in meetings with your trading partners.  Our helpdesk ticketing system also ensures all queries and claims are followed through to their conclusion and that historical communications are retained. 

Data Entry

Using our Optical Character Recognition engine we photo scan pallet dockets and convert the printed text into machine editable text formats.  This allows us to capture required text, with a high degree of accuracy, as a .csv file and import directly into our pallet management software.  Each image is then tagged with pallet docket details, allowing us to retrieve signed copies when requested.

Docket Creation

We provide inexpensive manual pallet dockets to cover any systems outage your site may experience.