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Precise Pallet Management are always looking for talent and seek out great people, who are keen to learn, and want to be a part of our company’s success.

We believe in work life balance and that every person who passes through our doors should leave with more skills and abilities than they arrived with. To this end, we invest in our people, so if you have a clear idea of where you want to go, we will work with you to make sure your goals and the company’s goals align. 

Our hiring process is simple and follows three basic steps...


If the point of an interview is to land the job, the point of the application is to land an interview. 

Look at your resume and make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors, especially if you have edited it multiple times.  The more you have changed it, the more likely that you have left out a comma or put a word in the wrong spot.  

Don’t make it easy for us to pass you over.  There will be problems with your resume, like gaps between jobs or maybe you live 4 hours away.  If you were on holidays or are relocating around the corner, let us know. 

Above all else, listen to Baltasar Gracian when he says,

"Good things, when short, are twice as good "  

So you work well in a team or autonomously…  Cool, but that is what the last 50 applicants told us.  Stand out by being you!


There are so many articles on what employers are looking for and we assume you have read most of them.  They are all opinions and in our opinion they miss the point.  

The truth is, we will be excited to meet you and also a little nervous. We don’t know anything about you, other than what is on your application, and you don’t know anything about us, other than what you found on a Google stalk.  

An interview is not about seeing if you measure up, it’s about seeing if we all fit.  Pay attention to how the interview ‘feels’, relax and take your time.   Be candid, and if you have any concerns talk to us about them. Two way communication is the key.


If you feel that you missed an important detail, or just want to address the team reviewing applicants, you are welcome to send a follow up email.  

The review team is made up of a peer, a team leader and director, at a minimum.  The review team will go through the application, resume, interview notes, test results and reference checks before selecting the candidate most aligned with the company’s requirements.  

The selected candidate will be asked to book in for a pre-employment medical, and following advice from the group HR department that all is well, the review team can make a formal offer of employment.

PPM People

Laura - Data Management

What is the strangest job you have ever had?
I once had to dress up like a chicken and hand out menus from the Charcoal Chicken shop I worked at. It wasn’t a very good chicken costume.
How do you define success?
I don’t think success is something that can really be achieved, nor should it. You should always be aiming for better and bigger, set yourself a goal by all means, but always strive to exceed that goal.
If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?
Product tester at Nintendo.

Tara - Equipment Control

What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life to date?
Living and working in Germany for 6 months, learning the German language in depth and unable to rely on English as I was used to with family and friends.
Where is the best place you’ve travelled to and why?
I would call myself quite the travel bug, but nothing has taken my breath away more than Switzerland. Even on trips just driving through; not only does Switzerland have great chocolate, but the mountains, green landscape and culture are just beautiful.
How did you come to be at PPM?
I had just finished my Masters degree and half a year abroad and was ready to start a career. I came across the advertisement and it presented a great opportunity to enter the commercial industry.

Craig - Accounts Team Leader

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
I would struggle in a world without sport to watch or play. It is where a lot of my spare time goes.
What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?
Given my accounting qualifications, I would probably be working in a finance/accounting role that involves crunching numbers.
What do you like best about your job?
Being able to positively impact our customers pallet accounts and seeing results.

Got what it takes?

Send us your resume and an amazing cover letter