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Account Administration

With a pallet management strategy in place, account administration activities are performed to a strict schedule.  These functions ensure you know how your account is performing and identify improvement opportunities.  

Invoice Reconciliation

With strict attention to detail, we reconcile your monthly hire company invoice by addressing only exceptions.  We investigate discrepancies and unauthorised transfers to your account and follow up the hire companies to ensure the required amendments are made on your next invoice.  All discrepancies which require further action are monitored through our task management system.


Conducting a physical count and comparing it to your on hire balance is the only way to ensure your account is correct.  We welcome the opportunity to perform these counts or can work with your team to ensure count timing is in line with hire company end of month.  

KPI Reporting

The ‘bill report’ or ‘variance report’ is largely a summary of transactional information.  We don’t just use it to report a number, but rather work through the detail, to identify any obstacles to pallets being transferred and to ensure the data, and therefore, variance is accurate.  The final variance figure considers unprocessed transfers, corrections and rejections and is the single most important number in understanding and monitoring your account position.  

Supplied with the variance report is a ‘heath check’ which graphically demonstrates KPI performance for the current period and two months prior.  The equipment controllers comments and five star rating, lets you know, at a glance, where your team can best direct their efforts.